John Bilodeau Photography Calgary Architectural Interior Exterior Photography

My technical training began at Sheridan College in Oakville Ontario but shooting 4x5 transparencies for 24 years under some of the most diverse and complicated lighting situations is the best training any professional could hope for.

Today all my work is shot on state of the art, full frame, 21 mps digital Canon cameras with a full range of “perspective control” lenses that yield architecturally correct results.

We travel extensively with an arsenal of portable lighting equipment including over 6400ws of location strobe for daylight balance or the equivalent in tungsten lighting along with a selection of light modifying filters, reflectors and panels. Everything is specifically designed for the demands of location photography. It must be compact, portable and very dependable.

Through good lighting and attention to detail very little post production work is needed. We do however utilize the most current, professional digital imaging technology by Apple, Adobe, Canon and Epson to assure that the raw images are transformed into 68 mb, eye-popping tiff files that are then burned to DVD for delivery to the client.

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